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Archived Blog 2009: Jul

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Tue 7/28 – Fri 7/31 – Made it home about 2:30 Wednesday afternoon after four days worth of driving, got things unloaded and checked the wind forecast for Los Angeles, which indicated pretty good wind for Sunday and Monday, so I went from arriving mode into leaving mode.
- Thursday morning was yard day; deep watering the little Brazilian Pepper tree and trimming the Natal Plum shrubs outside my library window. The bad news is they have lots of thorns. The good news is they are a good prowler deterrent.

Wed 7/22 – Mon 7/27 – Visiting Anne and family for five nights in Norfolk, VA. Highlights were, of course my two grandkids, Katie Rose (about 4), and Brook about 7 months). At her request, Katie Rose and I ate breakfast at the table in my van. I also brought her a skeen of pink yarn to maybe make fuzz balls, hand crochet or braid. Naturally she had her own ideas of tying knots and stringing it all over their two-story house as a pink obstacle course. We also made lots of shapes out of colored pipe cleaners and set up her battery-operated G-scale Christmas train which we used to send our pipe-cleaner shapes and railroad signs back and forth across the oval via the train. We also made a set of five matching T-shirts with my website logo and URL and got some family pictures wearing the shirts. We rounded out the activities by playing in the park, an awesome pillow fight and a bed-time story.
- Sunday, after supper I headed north and spent the night in Williamsburg. It was a good plan because I was not rushed to pack and leave in the morning, missed Norfolk’s Monday Morning traffic and got about 40 miles under my belt toward Phoenix and home.
- Today, Monday, I had one of my best driving days yet: 675 miles to Nashville, where I am blogging and spending the night.

Tue 7/21 – This was the morning I took owners/managers of all the kiteboard shops out for breakfast at the Atlantic Coast Café in Waves to share some of my ideas of how to expand the sport. Only Brian from Ocean Air showed up. We had a good breakfast, discussion and visit. While there I used their free wifi and took care of some business. Then to Kitty Hawk Kites to inflate my kites and let them finish drying out. After lunch there I left Hatteras Island for the season and...
- headed out to U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) in Norfolk to visit my daughter’s family, Anne, Robby, Katie Rose and Brook, who just moved there from Wichita, KS.
- Spending the night in Norfolk, VA

Mon 7/20 – Getting ready to leave the island by scrubbing the white letters on my tires, washing and fresh water undercarriage rinse the van, rinsing and drying my kites, preparing a photo for a picture postcard, changing the default hover picture on my home page from the back of the boat to my kiteboarding the first turnout south of Kite Point with my 14 m Cabrinha Contra on my Naish Custom Fish 5’2” x a7.5” strapless surfboard (my first strapless photo), planned tomorrow’s 2.5 hour, 120-milee drive to Virginia Beach to see my daughter, Anne, and her family.
- Spending the night in Rodanthe

Sun 7/19 – Got little sleep last night:
- Sheriff’s deputy banged on my van windows etc about 4am, threatened to tow the van and to arrest me. Never told me what law they were quoting that I was supposedly breaking by having my van parked at Food Lion – only that they would show me the law after they arrested me and took me to jail. All this gives me second thoughts about returning to the Outer Banks for kiteboarding next year.
- Drove south and got stuck, backing just off the solid area into the swamap while turning around in the first sound turn-off north of Buxton so…
- Worked on my website mouse-over captions for about two hours during rain and, during breaks in the rain, laid out my tow strap and dug out in front of the van tires
- Folks in a pickup truck pulled me out
- Telephoned the national Leo LaPorte show – a four hour project
- Fine tuned some of the links on my Shops Services WX web page
- Visited with newly arrived kiteboarding friends, David, Deno & Adam
- Sorted pictures from Duane Hall
- Max wind not much over 5mph all day
- Spending the night in Avon

Sat 7/18 – Went to Canadian Hole for breakfast & to check the wind
– Spent about 1.5 hours speed dialing in an unsuccessful attempt to call Leo LaPorte, the Tech Guy, a national radio talk show. Earlier I had a nice visit with Rebecca, the phone screener who thought my website was cool. I thought she was cool too. Typically the phone screeners are under such a time pressure they do not have time to visit.
- Drove up to Salvo Day Use Area (SDA) and kited locally for about an hour with my 14 m Cabrinha Contra and Naish Custom Fish 5’2” x a7.5” strapless surfboard. I was the only person to be able to stay upwind in 12-16 mph winds averaging 13 mph. My best GPS speed runs are usually on a portside tack (going to the left), but today it was on a starboard tack (going to the right) at 21.5 mph. As you may know, you get your best sailing speed on a broad reach (going somewhat down wind). Naturally after my last speed run when I was down wind is when the wind quit – completely. I had a beautiful walk back to the SDA beach with my kite down on the water.
- I can't believe I was not bothered by a single mosquito an Ocean Ramp 28(?) parking lot from before sunset to 9:15 pm. Of course there was a little breeze the entire time. Did my blog & sorted videos of Sam Bell's riding the 13th
- Spending the night in south Avon

Fri 7/17 – Received my Garmin Foretrex 401 GPS receiver just in time for this afternoon’s kiting session at Kitty Hawk Kites in Rodanthe after making some necessary phone calls. There were only two of us out at first and then only me. The wind was good, gusting to almost 30 mph.

- (revised Sat) Spending the night in Avon south of the water tower with friends from DC so had the luxury of taking a bath, doing laundry and cutting my hairs.

Thu 7/16 – Days like today are the reason I come to the Outer Banks. I kited five hours today from Planet of the Apes (my GPS waypoint haPLAN) with Matt, Lesyk, Stas and Dave, all from Washington DC. All but Stas are good kiteboarders who had done the the Planet run before, but had never experienced it until they did it with me.
- We went on most every inlet there was. My favorite was going into a Salvo dock with a T canal at the end. For the first time I went into most inlets toeside and carved to healside to exit. Of course we did the three canals. It was the first time I went back upwind and did the cross canal a second time – and a third time. That was Matt, Dave and me. Lesyk was jealous, being overpowered on his larger kite to the point that he could not navigate the canals and the inlets. All the time the four of us experienced kiteboarders were having fun; Stas had his own fun practicing getting up on his board and actually did quite a bit of riding. Everyone was happy when we arrived at Kitty Hawk Kites in Rodanthe.
- Before we started the 6.8-mile downwinder, Mat and I rode about locally at the Planet. I spent about two hours practicing foot switches with my Naish Custom Fish 5’2” x a7.5” strapless surfboard. I had plenty of power with my 8m Cabrinha Switchblade-2 the entire afternoon/evening.

Wed 7/15 – I got all excited about this morning’s forecast for good winds for the next four days (tomorrow afternoon through Sunday morning). NOAA popped my bubble with this evening’s degraded forecast. There will probably be some good riding, but nothing like originally forecast.

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