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Archived Blog 2009 Dec

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Note: While not kiteboarding, I plan to update my blog weekly (usually Wednesdays) - or when something special happens.

Thu 12/31 - HAPPY NEW YEAR AND WELCOME TO A NEW DECADE! New Year's Resolution: Spend less time on my website. There a lot of neat things I'd like to do with the website that will now have to wait until I'm so old I can't run around to gyms, kiteboard destinations and such.
- The middle of the night Tuesday I came down with a sore throat so canceled my gym visits, and on Wednesday, canceled Gang Plank and a follow-up sleep study. Since then I've mostly stayed home, rested and taken it easy.

- Taking it easy included tweaks to this website and adding a link to an excellent IKO video, Kiteboarding Progression Beginner 2nd Edition. It also included learning to use a graphing scientific calculator I bought for $14 on clearance @ Walgreen a couple weeks ago. I had to scan the manual into a PDF file so I could enlarge it and read the microscopic print. My goal is to read one page per day until I get it finished. I figure it will take me almost two months to get through all 57 pages. By then I should be either a mathematical programming whiz or totally confused.
- I also got both my traditional IRAs converted to Roth and installed a neat new GE Model # 15088 60 Minute Touch Auto Shut-Off Timer for my garage light (from Home Depot). I have been having a lot of fun with the battery-operated Money Mill coin-sorting bank I fixed up - bought it for $1 from the Rabbit Thrift Store.

- Mundane things that I did since last Wednesday included finally getting my Christmas cards in the mail, putting my hat in the ring for our Mountain Rose Homeowners Association (HOA) board election, researching converting my regular individual retirement accounts (IRAs) to Roth IRAs (now is the time if you plan on doing it), receiving my new Capital One credit card and submitting a cool kiteboarding picture for the card. Why Capital One? Cuz they are one of the few credit cards that have no foreign currency exchange fee - just in case I go to the tropics on my next kiteboarding trip.
- Result of my sleep study: mild but chronic sleep apnea, so I'll be going in for a follow-up study to determine what is appropriate to do about it.

Wed 12/16 - What a change in plans! I'm spending the night at Valley Oximetry Sleep Disorders Center. Hopefully I'll be newly vitalized after their study. It took about 40 minutes for David to hook up the 27 sensors and leads to monitor my brain waves, pulse, limb movements, eye movements, breathing rate, breathing effort muscle tone etc. Due to a cancellation they called me about 7:30 this evening while I was at Gang Plank and asked if I wanted to come in tonight rather than later this month as scheduled. Fortunately I had my gym bag along with enough stuff for the night.
- Gang Plank? Tonight Andy helped me perfect a new Google search for my website. After I give it a few final tweaks and upload the revision, you will be able to see it at the top of the left menu panel. Try it out with thinks like KELLER, RETIRED LIFE, CLARK LINCOLN, and SURF.
- Earlier today I saw my cardiologist who said everything looks good, in spite of some slight nocturnal chest pain. I'll go in for a treadmill stress test to confirm that everything is ok.
- Scott, my son, is receiving his masters' degree. Congratulations, Scott!
- Imagine me invading the Phoenix social scene with my weird kiteboarding ideas. I was invited to AZ Senator Jim Waring's Christmas party. There were about 200 very interesting people there Friday evening. Also, in the feeling good department I got to meet AZ Governor Jan Brewer Tuesday morning. Next time you see me, if you want to, you can shake the hand that shook the hand of our governor.

Wed 12/9 - Tonight at Gang Plank, was awesome, although I didn't work on my Blog or Christmas letter as planned. I got in a discussion with Jacob about website design aids, Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XM) and JQuery. The latter allows one to easily do all sorts of things using JavaScript. Maybe sometime down the line I will use it to enhance my website - if I find time! JavaScript makes the hover pictures work at the top of my home page. Speaking of which, Will helped me get the hover captions to work in Internet Explorer. While I was at it, I improved the hover pictures' alignment with the help of Nick, in the process learning more about web design and exercising my brain. Thanks, guys!
- I opened Vanguard World Total Index fund and started automatic contributions, thawed my credit so I can apply for a Capital One credit card (they have no foreign exchange fee), checked out the windy seasons in Viet Nam and Thailand, put up my Christmas lights and wrapped and mailed gifts as appropriate
- It is so neat to be able to help others. Transporting more senior citizens than anyone else in Duet, Donna won the Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS receiver that I donated. I understand she was ecstatic! Also I fixed up Tim at the LA Fitness Power Station with a video system so he can have a slide show of his food entries. Until he gets his pictures up, he may be stuck with my kiteboarding slide show - mostly from Brazil.

Wed 12/2/09 - Thanksgiving was good with TWO dinners. Noon was in Mesa with George and Cindy, brother and his family, and evening was with Harold Dean and Bernadette Hayes, my X-in-laws. The best part of the whole day was spending time with family.
- My birthday on Saturday, the 28th, was uneventful - you sort of get that way after 68 of 'em. The biggest thing I did was having a good workout at the gym. Tuesday I got a flu shot.
- The new tenants officially took possession of my Dahlia rental house on Tuesday. The day before I had my landscaper, Francisco, do a final mow, edge, trim and top (the Italian Cypress trees). It certainly makes me feel good to have everything so neat and clean!

    Website additions this week included:
  1. Denialism and United Breaks Guitars on Stupid Stupidity
  2. Links to kite shops in San Diego

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